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Consider the following story ideas, or feel free to contact our Program Director, Kepa Freeman, to develop one specifically for your outlet.

What Do Today's Youth Think About the State of our Economy?
When it comes to our economy, it is certain that the decisions made today will affect the lives of our youth tomorrow.

However, it would seem that every segment of our population's opinion has been accounted for, accept for that segment that may be affected the most: our youth.

Teens Use Performing Arts to Fight against Gang Violence:
Youth members from Teens Express, a Prince George's County, Maryland-based youth development and performing arts program, performed and produced a DVD titled "Bad Choices Ruin Lives." The DVD warns youth against the ultimate consequence one may suffer when choosing to become involved with gangs.

Teens Express Their Views Regarding the Aftermath of Chris Brown's Actions & Verdict:
Just what are the opinions of today's teens regarding the Chris Brown scandal?

What Every Parent Should Know about Their Teenager:
Teens express what it's really like to live in today's America as a teenager.


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Teens Express Youth Address Today's Issues through the Arts.

The Teens Express Youth Development & Arts Program was developed for youth with an interest in music, poetry, rap or theatre. Participants are given the opportunity to create, write and perform original material to be used to inform, enrich, and entertain their audience.

All four forms of expression are used with the goal of successfully training and developing talented, charismatic young leaders. The second primary goal of the program is to develop articulate, confident youth, with the ability to express their views and/or talents without fear, the use of violence, or foul language.

The program's curriculum provides the following training:

Life Skills Training & Development Including:

  • Financial Literacy (Teens Express Young Millionaires' Club)
  • Life Appreciation Enhancement
  • Employment & Career Development
  • Decision-Making Skills & Social Development
  • Abstinence Empowerment

    Artistic Development & Activities Including:

  • Vocal Training
  • Group Theatrical Training
  • Public Performances
  • Annual Teens Express Live Event
  • Original Music Productions
  • DVD Productions
Teens Express
Program Director: Kepa Freeman
office: 301 877-0592
cell: 240 305-1594
fax: 301 856-3687